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Construction Materials

Expanded cork and cork boards with various materials that improve thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as energy efficiency in your home. Consumer Goods

Particularly suited to application on walls (exterior, interior and cavity walls), expanded cork agglomerate and cork boards with different materials represent a solution offering ecological and sustainable construction with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

  • The low thermal conductivity of cork, combined with its ability to store heat and release it slowly, makes it a very efficient thermal insulator, capable of preventing overheating in summer and maintaining a pleasant temperature in the cold winter months.

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  • At the same time, its resilience and sound-absorbing properties reduce noise from neighbors, the murmur of conversations, and any vibrations produced by appliances or air-conditioning systems, making the home environment healthier and more welcoming.

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Build with cork: a product with very low embodied energy

The energy that is consumed during the extraction, production and transport of construction materials is called "embodied energy" and is a key factor that is increasingly taken into account when selecting materials for use in construction.

Ideally, to achieve more sustainable construction, one aspect to consider is that the materials used should have reduced levels of embodied energy. This is the case for cork. Being a natural raw material that is both renewable and has an important role to play in the reduction of greenhouse gases, it is a product with very low embodied energy, representing an environmentally-friendly choice.


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