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Alma Gémea

Expect the Unexpected

Alma Gémea, a love story. Consumer Goods

Alma Gémea, a love story.

Alma Gémea combines cork and ceramics - two noble materials, both of which have a long tradition in Portugal. The use and combination of these materials, in an innovative and differentiating manner, naturally brings us to the most sophisticated dimension of contemporary home design. Alma Gémea is a forward-looking product that pays heed to the roots of its cultural heritage.

When we think about the development of this collection, in addition to the fusion of its raw materials, one of its main objectives is the sharing and promotion of a distinctive product. The wealth that derives from this outlook has made this product line a favourite amongst design lovers.

  • Distinctive and timeless, the Alma Gémea collection is based on principles such as forging a natural symbiosis between two elements and the surprise factor resulting from the unexpected combination of such materials with unprecedented lines, contours and functionalities.

  • Alma Gémea is much more than a love story. It is a relationship that is improbable and yet perfect. An experience that elevates the human senses to the universes of complementarity and union. Through our combined desire, we have discovered points of connection in our differences - that form a unique and beautiful whole.


Consumer Goods

Alma Gémea

Expect the Unexpected.
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Alma Gémea, a love story

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