Materials & Applications

Qatar Foundation Headquarters

  • Materials Used

    Material Category
    Expansion Joints

    Material Reference
    Expandacork Type II
  • Project Details

    Doha, Qatar

    Date Scheduled
    July 2011 - July 2013

    Date Completed
  • Contractor

    Midmac Contracting Co.
    Midmac's growth has accompanied overall growth in the Middle East, both contributing to and benefiting from the developments that have taken place in the Region. 

Project Overview

Midmac approved and solely used Amorim’s Expandacork Type II for its expansion joint filler in most areas where application requires this solution. In other areas Midmac used a Bituminous impregnated joint filler type, aided by Amorim Cork Composites Expandacork Type II, and executed by highly skilled workers.
Qatar Foundation Headquarters, commissioned by the Qatar Foundation and designed by the Office of Metropolitan Architecture is conceived as a generic ‘cube’ standing approximately 57 meters tall and accommodates interior space for 29 000 m2 of offices in three main volumes: the Executive Tower, the Staff Tower, and Her Royal Highness wing.

“Expandacork Type II has provided excellent expansion joint material for this prestigious project. The solution’s characteristics facilitated application. Areas applied with Expandacork Type II closed the gap of each expansion joint without difficulty and easily adhered to the sealants and concrete.”

Midmac Contracting Co.

Building Purpose

  • The Interior Spaces

    The interior spaces of Qatar Foundation Headquarters are enclosed in a white concrete precast façade, perforated by a large number of recessed windows. The perforations are part of an overall architectural language employed by OMA throughout the building and form a stylized and pixelated Sidra tree – the Qatar Foundation’s Logo.


Office space for 500 people

The main volumes enclosed by the building envelope are situated around a central atrium protected from the sun by a perforated precast concrete roof. Circulation between the volumes is achieved via a system of glass-cladded sky bridges. The internal volumes are separated by two directional lines, with the main line pointing to Mecca. The building has office space for 500 people, with meeting rooms, auditorium, lecture facilities, prayer rooms and spa.

Material Used

  • Expandacork

    Expandacork products absorb the vibrations, expansions, and contractions caused by heat in the different construction materials.

“Expandacork Type II completed this project as a result of its excellent finishing and durability.”

Midmac Contracting Co.

Midmac Contracting Co.

Midmac boasts an impressive portfolio that includes a wide spectrum of high profile projects dotting the Qatari landscape, built over a 40-year period. The project list includes all types of buildings: residential, commercial, educational, hotels, stadia & other sports facilities, and mixed-use developments. Infrastructure projects feature just as prominently in the project portfolio, including roads and bridges, civil and military airport facilities, civil works related to oil & gas installations, utilities projects and electro-mechanical works related to all types of projects.

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