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A smart solution for any cooling problem in any residential or commercial building. Articles

Comfort and energy savings between 30% to 50%.

During these sunny, summer days we already have to prepare for next Winter’s cold. What could be better than a brand new product to present to your customers?

Amorim Cork Composites has launched a new underlay, under the Cork4U brand, which offers the full benefits of cork and much more: radiant heating glued to a 100% cork underlay! UNDERLAY HEAT is a brand new product for the Fall 2017 collection.

Installed between the finished floor and the subfloor, or on walls behind the gypsum board, these low-profile panels expand applications for radiant heating to retrofit and new constructions.
The comfort provided by this product combined with its energy savings, when compared to traditional heating systems (air conditioning, convection equipment, traditional heaters), turns this product a smart solution for any heating and cooling requirements in any residential or commercial building.


Watch the video to know all the product characteristics and its step-by-step installation process.

Why UNDERLAY HEAT should be added to your portfolio?


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About Amorim Cork Composites

Amorim Cork Composites is a world-renowned company with a long legacy of achievements in aerospace, transportation, construction and sustainable green products using cork. At our Innovation and R&D centre, we are always searching for new and high performance solutions.