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7 Reasons for using a cork underlayment

7 Reasons for using a cork underlayment


Choosing an underlayment that will guarantee the maximum in comfort and durability.

An underlayment is much more than just something you place under the flooring. An underlayment is part of a solid foundation, that can determine the satisfactory performance of the floor in terms of acoustical properties and comfort, as well as adding to the longevity of the floor.

Even though it is not visible, it can still be felt and perceived through the added-value that it gives to the space in which it is installed in.
Compared to synthetic materials, the natural qualities of cork add unique benefits that contribute to high-performance and comfort.

1 - Easy to install

The installation of the underlayment is easy, but highly effective.  The material is light in weight, but extremely durable.

2 – Disguises minor subfloor imperfections

An underlayment helps protect your flooring from substrate imperfections that might telegraph through and cause visual imperfections in the finished flooring product. This quality can also result in a material and labor savings in many cases, when the patching or repairing of minor substrate defects can be eliminated.

3 – Water and humidity?

Cork or cork blend underlayments are dimensionally stable and do expand in contact with water or high humidity conditions.  We offer several options with attached vapor barriers, which provide moisture protection for moisture sensitive finished flooring products.

4 - Protection from cracking in the finished floor

The use of cork or cork blend underlayments can help eliminate cracks in the substrate from transferring through to ceramic or natural stone finished flooring materials.

5 – Do not worry about dents in the floor

The natural resistance of cork to crushing helps eliminate permanent dents or deformities caused by heavy objects resting on the floor, or the impact of falling objects.

6 – Benefit from better acoustic and thermal insulation

The installation of a cork or cork blend underlayment reduces the sound of footstep noise both within the room and in the space below, in the case of 2nd floor and above installations. Cork underlayments can make on grade and below grade floors feel much warmer with their thermal insulating qualities.

7- Benefit from comfortable walking

The resilience of cork provides a cushioning effect, which makes the floor much more comfortable walking and standing on.


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