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Golden Vines® 2022 trophy (1)

ACC Design Studio teamed up with Red Longo to design the Golden Vines® 2022 trophy


The design and production of the 2022 Golden Vines® Trophy is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between Amorim and London silversmiths’ Grant Macdonald, with the artwork design from Italian-Ethiopian artist RED LONGO.

As a wine industry's flagship initiatives, the Golden Vines® Awards brings together world's leaders, collectors, and experts. At the intersection between wine, art and cork, the Golden Vines® 2022 trophy is the expression of perfect harmony between the inventiveness of nature and human creativity.

Golden Vines Print 4 (1)

ACC Design Studio

The ACC Design Studio, from Amorim Cork Composites, gave full technical support to the trophy - a piece of art that incorporates the street art language that marks RED’s artistic production.

ACC Design Studio is a space for innovation and creativity where cork and design unite.
This project is underpinned by three essential objectives. The first is to develop new concepts, in which Amorim Cork Composites collaborates with brands.The second objective is to provide monitoring and technical support for projects with world-renowned architects, designers and artists. The third and final goal involves training and sharing knowledge.

With ACC Design Studio, Amorim Cork Composites intends not only to reach those who are already in the job market, but also new generations, by drawing close to Universities and design studios, among other institutions.

2022 Trophy 01 Vlight (2)

Similar to last year’s iconic trophy design, Shantell Martin – last year’s artist and now Golden Vines® Artistic Director – worked with RED to create a design that fit the diversity & inclusivity ethos of the event and RED’s graffiti-street style of art.

In his youth, Milan’s graffiti scene provided Red Longo (or RED to his friends) with a much needed outlet for rebellion. For RED, this flourished into a passion of creating art across the world. His work is bold and distinctive, combining a range of African Art inspirations, his Ethiopian heritage and contemporary street fashion.

The Making of The 2022 Golden Vines® Awards Trophy

Celebrating wine, inspiration, sustainability and the art of living, cork could not be missing!


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