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Amorim Cork Composites receives an Honorable Mention from the Kaizen Institute


Amorim Cork Composites launched a Kaizen project in order to increase its industrial contribution margin.

The initiative has already delivered positive results and the company recently received an Honorable Mention in the Kaizen Lean Awards, in the category, "Excellence in Productivity".

This project, developed in partnership with the Kaizen Institute, has applied continuous improvement methodologies, through implementation of initiatives to reduce the number of references produced, reformulate the costing method, and boost workflow.

The implemented solutions have cut the number of references produced by 43% and reduced the standard reference waiting time by two weeks. The industrial contribution margin also grew by more than €600,000, with higher productivity and efficiency of the industrial unit’s workflows.

The Kaizen Lean Award aims to distinguish and reward organizations that have distinguished themselves as leading examples of good practices.

According to the Kaizen Institute, the award-winning companies set standards of excellence in terms of their contribution to national competitiveness.


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