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Multilayer cork solutions for thermal protection

Multilayer cork solutions to improve the thermal protection of EV batteries

This innovative range of multilayer cork solutions aims to improve the thermal protection of electric vehicle batteries, while reducing their environmental impact.

One of the main challenges that the electric vehicle industry faces is to find sustainable materials to incorporate into their designs, in order to meet the sector’s sustainability objectives. The materials traditionally used in the industry often have a significant carbon footprint, so it is essential to look further ahead.

Amorim Cork Composites has now launched an innovative range of multilayer systems that combine cork with other materials - such as mica, foam or aerogel - to create more sustainable, high-performance solutions.

Cork is a 100% natural, reusable and recyclable material, and from an environmental, social or economic perspective is one of the world’s most versatile materials. Studies show that for every ton of cork produced, the cork oak forest sequesters up to 73 tons of CO2, and no trees are felled in the process.

Cork's low density, along with its low thermal conductivity and high temperature behaviour, make it an ideal raw material for developing components for electric vehicle batteries.

  • Multilayer solutions for batteries' thermal insulation

    Our product range combines cork with different types of materials - such as aerogel, mica, carbon/basalt and foam – in order to create systems with different layers, which can act as a thermal barrier between cells or modules (cell spacers/thermal pads), or as protection for the battery housing.


    With multilayer systems available in various thicknesses and in a wide variety of formats, our products have compressibility of up to 70% at 2.5Mpa, thermal insulation in the order of 20-30°C/min and densities between 300-600 kg/m3. We guarantee the solution’s sustainability through incorporation of a high percentage of cork.

    EPT Cork Fundo Azul Fundo

The development of these multilayer cork systems for electric batteries represents a significant step forward in the development of more sustainable, efficient and high-performance electric vehicles. This solution will further the transition to more sustainable mobility and have the potential to revolutionize this industry.

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