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European Commission considers OSIRYS to be a success story

European Commission considers OSIRYS a success story

2018-03-19 Tartu Building, Estonia.

The innovative solution, developed within the framework of the OSIRYS project for better air quality in buildings, has already been applied in buildings in Spain and Estonia. The European Commission has considered that the OSIRYS project - which included Amorim Cork Composites' Innovation Department - is a success story.

  • The main challenge for this project was to look for better, healthier and sustainable solutions for the construction of façades, exterior walls and interior divisions. 

    Cork is a key material within the OSIRYS project to provide thermal and acoustic insulation and fire resistance. The project’s results confirm that use of OSIRY’s systems can deliver energy efficiency savings as high as 30% and a similar reduction in the consumption of material resources (30%).


    Julen Astudillo, the company’s executive who has coordinated the project (Tecnalia) explains:

    “On the one hand, being a European Commission success story will give the project greater possibilities to sell our results more effectively. On the other hand, the OSIRYS knowledge can be used as a basis for future research projects that will deliver a higher impact and better scores because we are using the results from a successful project”.


    Read here the European Commission full article.




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