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Technical sustainable solutions with high performance and durability for demanding construction systems Materials & Applications

Sustainable materials with high performance

Technical sustainable solutions with high performance and durability for demanding construction systems: buildings and infrastructures such as roads, railroads and bridges. Highly recommended to acoustical and thermal insulation, expansion gap filling and absorption coverings.

  • Acoustic Insulation

    Acousticork vibration control portfolio is the high performance alternative to synthetic products.

    The quietness of the forest is something that cork can also bring to our cities.

  • Material solutions for railway systems

    Railcork product portfolio is designed for use as rail pads and baseplate pads, available in a wide variety of thicknesses - providing different degrees of impact attenuation, for light and heavy rail applications, in slab and ballast track, used as well in special track works such as turnouts, crossings and crossovers.

    In a nutshell: it is a use of cork as a shock absorber.

  • Materials specially developed to absorb expansions and the contractions inherent to concrete buildings

    Continuous deformations caused by different climate conditions and thermal ranges are a challenge to expansion joints. Expandacork provides the performance, durability and mechanical resistance required.

    The better the thermal insulation, greater is the amount of energy saved... and the lower the impact on the environment.

  • Final coating for external façades and internal walls

    Corkwall is an eco-friendly final coating that can be used for different purposes, ranging from new construction, renovation of external façades to the decoration of internal walls and ceilings. 



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